Sleep over

Join us and let us know whether you’d like your own space or are looking for a more cosy or adventurous option. It’s always possible to read all our books, use the kitchen or meditate in the garden.

All our beds come with lots of fresh air, peace & quiet and a simple vegan breakfast.

Minimum stay: 2 nights //  Maximum stay: 4 nights

Option 1: Sleep over in an apartment

Stay in your own Italian apartment in downtown Pratella together with max. 4 people. Enjoy your privacy and the beautiful view.


Average donation: 70 euros per night

Option 2: Sleep over in a double room

Enjoy the comfort of your own room with a friend or your significant other.




Average donation: 20 euros per person per night

Z - Moa & Fiji
apartment or bunk
Option 3: Sleep over in a dorm

Sleep in cosy bunk beds in a big room that fits 6 people.



Average donation: 15 euros per night per person

Option 4: Sleep over in a tent

Sleep under the olive trees or on the open field. Make sure to bring your own tent!

Average donation: 15 euros per night per tent

tent 3
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