Lou & Luca

We’re a pretty relaxed couple who love nothing better than to enjoy life as it comes. Luca’s the cook and knows everything about Italian history, culture & hospitality and Lou’s more of a highly enthusiastic organizer, sports coach and event planner.

Luca plays the guitar, rugby and basketball, loves to write philosophical stuff and watch old Italian movies. He cooks a mean vegan pasta, but cannot handle more than two glasses of wine.

Lou plays the cello, does yoga and other fitnessy stuff and used to play & coach rugby too. She loves to read, paint and cuddle with the cats. Secretly, her main reason to go to Italy is her mother-in-law’s cooking.


Together, we aim to create a relaxed & down-to-earth community and make your stay as wonderful, typical, and authentic as you’re looking for.

It’s all about the Italian life on the countryside and connecting to the Italian nature & culture.

Lou & Luca

Two founders

One dream

Lou Benders


Luca Nunzio Caira


A community

At Lou & Luca’s is a community based on trust, respect and simple principles of sharing & supporting each other.

After all, we’re not looking to turn at Lou & Luca’s into a profitable organization to make a lot of money. Simply because this doesn’t sit well with us. Undeniably, we will already be in a beautiful sunny place, in a villa and with a very relaxed lifestyle –  so in the here and the now, there will be nothing to strive for, except to enjoy every single moment.


When we were discussing the prices for our project, we concluded that we didn’t want to use any prices. Instead we were more interested in something different, a community, a very Italian way of living. We had the idea to turn At Lou & Luca’s into a donation-and trust-based project. An idea we rejected at first because of all the obvious fears, like ‘How to cover our expenses?’, ‘What if no one pays?’, ‘It seems so odd, what would people think?’, etc.


We soon overcame these doubts realising that we’d be able to offer a beautiful experience for free to those who simply don’t have the money and trusting the people who do, to contribute. The idea of this donation-based community really started to grow on us! So we decided that we would try it out, to see if it works and if it covers our expenses. A little bit of an experiment so to say!


We also felt that it would be nice to know who’d be joining us in Ailano and with what kind of motivation. Because if someone would just be looking for a free or very cheap stay… that would kind of beat the purpose of joining our community. After all, we’d like people to really enjoy everything we have to offer, including nature’s peace and quiet, il dolce far niente, authentic Italianism, our vegan lifestyle, and love for the little things in life.

Join now

With that in mind, we changed our ‘Book now’ button on the top right of this page to a ‘Join now’ button. Here we ask you to write a motivation why you’d like to stay over or join in on one of our holiday packages at Lou & Luca’s. Next, we will contact you to see how we can make your holiday as meaningful and relaxed as possible.

This way, everyone who will eventually join our community will respect the Italian lifestyle, love nature and enjoy At Lou & Luca’s as much as possible.

Lou and luca
A love story

Our story

Lou & Luca met on a Dutch autumn night when Luca fell head over heels in love with Lou. After months of  Italian charm; bringing her vegan chocolate cakes, wine & cooking Italian food, Lou’s heart finally opened up and she let Luca in. She invited Luca to come and live with her in her apartment in Amsterdam to share a life together.

Soon they felt that they wanted to do more than just living together. Time flew by, spent on work and social stuff and it seemed as if though life consisted of only those evenings and moments away from work. Beautiful moments, but too few.

When the amazing opportunity to escape from this work-based rhythm and start their own project in Ailano, Italy, came along, Lou & Luca did not think twice. They grasped the chance with four hands and decided to move away from Amsterdam to the countryside of Campania.

They quit their secure jobs, sold the apartment full of lovely memories and prepared for the journey of a lifetime, towards a timeless life.

Together with their two cats, Moa and Fiji, several amazing locals and lots of friends, they now work on putting together the best possible timeless and peaceful experience for you. To enable everyone who joins at Lou & Luca’s to embrace the Italian dolce vita & il dolce far niente – the sweetness of doing nothing.

Or meet them here!