At Lou & Luca’s is a donation-based community. The principle is that you donate according to what you can afford and how much you’ve enjoyed your stay At Lou & Luca’s at the end of your stay.

Below we’ve included a list of donations to give you an idea of how to support our community!

Note: renting bikes is against a set price

Z - Moa & Fiji

Sleep over

Based on your choice of bed: 

€15,- to €70,-

bike rental

Bike around

Set price

€12,- per day


Be typical

3 days/2 nights incl. activities


birds - retreat


3 days/2 nights


New discover


4 days/3 nights


Join our community

Before you come and stay at ours, we’d like you to share with us your motivation to join us and a little bit about yourself (and the group you’d like to come and visit us with).

We’re looking forward to meeting you!