Looking for a great place to host your retreat? Look no further!

At Lou & Luca’s offers you all you need for a successful, peaceful and beautiful retreat. Be it a writer’s, yoga, mindfulness or nature retreat.



We can host up to 30 people at the same time.
In the Penguin (left) – We have 1 dorm for 6 people & spaces for camping.
In the Pelicano (middle) – We have 4 apartments of 90m2 with room for 8 persons per apartment (1 single room, 1 shared room, 2 double rooms). 
In the Rock (right) – We have 3 shared rooms & 1 double room.  
Yoga, writing & meditation
On top of the Penguin’s roof you find a 70m2 roof terrace with a panorama view of the valley for yoga or meditation classes. Inside there’s a 30m2 room for cooler (air-conditioned) yoga practices. 
In the garden there are five relaxing meditation spots.
In the Penguin there’s free and fast wifi and there are 20 spots to write in peace. 
Inside the Pelicano you find a 50m2 room for yoga practices too. 
We can provide an Italian vegetarian or vegan breakfast & dinner for you in the Penguin or in the Rock.
We have 10 bikes available for beautiful tours around the area. 
There is 1 acres of garden around the Penguin where you can organize different activities.
The Penguin is 1.4 kilometres away from Ailano where you can do groceries and have a coffee in an Italian cafe.  
A 15 minute drive you find the Fontegreca springs for a cool swim. 


Expenses & contact

Since we’re a donation-based community, we will only ask you to cover the expenses we make. We will discuss these expenses with you before your stay.
For an indication of our expenses you can look at the average donations we ask per person. 
If you and the participants of your retreat have enjoyed our facilities & services, you’re more than welcome to make an extra donation to keep us up and running!
Get in touch
If you’re keen on us accommodating your retreat, don’t hesitate to get in touch!